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Bedside Gun Safe

bedside gun safe offers you the ultimate in safety and security and provides you with a safe storage place for your firearm that you can easily access any time. A bedside gun safe is the perfect choice because of the slim and compact design that is extra tough and secure thanks to the steel casing and reinforced locking mechanisms that they use and yet they are small enough to keep in a drawer or under the bed without taking up a lot of room.

Quick Access Bedside Gun Safe

The modern designs also feature the most modern high-tech innovations as they come with the latest biometric fingerprint recognition technology. The lock is released to open the safe by scanning your fingerprint and this ensures that you can gain access to your firearm within a split second. The quick access fingerprint scanner also ensures that only you will be able to open the safe as it will only recognize your unique fingerprint, which is especially safe if you have children at home as you won’t have to worry about them gaining access to the firearm when you are not at home.

Biometric Bedside Gun Safe

The fingerprint scanner also eliminates the need for keys which means you won’t have to go looking for the key of the safe before you can open it. This can save you valuable time when you need to get to your firearm in an emergency situation as you don’t have to get the key to open the lock which can also be awkward in the middle of the night in the dark. By simply placing your finger on the scanner you can open the safe instantly and retrieve your gun any time when you need to.

A Bedside Gun Safe Ensures That:

  • Your firearm will stay safe and secure at all times as nobody else can access the safe
  • You can access your gun in a second when you need it by simply scanning your fingerprint
  • You won’t need to worry about keys like with traditional lock and key safes
  • Your gun will remain safely out of reach from your children as you won’t have to be concerned they will find the key to open it

A bedside gun safe with a biometric fingerprint scanner is the safest and most secure way to store your firearm and have instant access with the touch of your finger.